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Spera Labs founded at 2011 in Sri Lanka to provide software solutions for business automation with affordable price. While growing up the company and team, we focused on more about future technologies.

We specialized in Business Automation Software Systems(Standalone/Interconnected by networks), Embedded Systems, Web Development, IOT Projects, Research and development.

This is a place that converts the thing on your mind to real world working physical output. you can buy all the technology services at one home. We can create a real and physical view of the thing on your mind.

Some company values

  • Security
  • Passion
  • Tech Stack
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • After Service

You are 100% secured with Spera Security Protocol!

We are here to provide you a high level security guaranteed, safety services and products. Let us know handle your privacy, your private data or any other sensitive things with our security protocol. Spera Security Protocol acts between your end and our end as a middle tunnel to ensure end to end security. Spera Labs team never breaks rules on our protocol. You can work with us without worrying about security.

We know anything without passion is worthless. No good output will be created without passion. Providing technological services is our passion. We are passionate in software development, web development and IOT/Mechatronics development projects. Our tech expert team will help you to make exact thing on your mind live with passion.

Having expert knowledge and experience with with working on distributed tech stack is a big plus you can get from Spera Labs. Unlike others, we are not stick to one single thing. We have experts in different areas of technology to give you a embedded output with expert knowledge and best practices. Spera Labs always up-to date with latest technologies of the world. It leads us to provide more efficient solution for your business requirement.

Project managers and project management techniques at Spera Labs are always upto date. Our project management techniques and methodologies will lead us to provide you the expected output of the thing on your idea on time with high quality. We can guarantee that our project management strategies will save your time + money but infinitely increase the quality of output.

We all know communication is a must to have a premium output at the end. We are experts are communicating. We can identify your exact requirement clearly with the way you represent to it and provide you what will be the output before we create the full working system. With that methodology, we can have a good idea and agree on what we are going to have at the end. This will reduce 99% errors on the project deployment phase. Our communication lines always available with you, even after end of the project. Our experts always here for you to communicate and help regarding to any issue with system.

Providing a good service after we deploy the project is a must. You don’t have to worry about it. Our guaranteed after service procedures are dedicated to you. You just run it and use it to grow your business. We are here to monitor the system and make it up and running 24X7. All services after deployment will be given to you by charging 0 cost. Just work with us and let us complete your project, we care about your system after that.

Our Vision

to create an eco-friendly generation who are willing to break through the boundaries of how we now explore the technology. Simply to let them work with a new dimension they never worked before.

With 6+ years of excellence,
  • We can develop Management Information Systems to improve your business with automation
  • We can develop Human Resource and Payroll Systems
  • We can provide Healthcare solutions for hospitals, general practices, pharmacies, etc.
  • We can create online booking engines with payment gateway integration.
  • We can develop APIs for connect and provide resources to outside applications/websites.
  • We can create cloud based softwares to make accessible across the world(Any where, any time).
  • We can develop distributed database systems.
  • We can create AI systems with self leaning and self reacting to inputs.
  • We can create web bots to act on websites like humans(Testing, Login/Registrations, Order placing, Profile creating, any other work).
  • We can create embedded systems by integrating electronic devices with computer softwares.
  • We can interconnect real world things together with latest IOT technologies.
  • We have experience in connecting computers with chemistry and build electro-chemistry devices. We have done some R&D experiments on it.
  • We have experts with ability to develop robotics.
  • We have strong R&D skills with next generation technologies.
  • And much more!
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