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Idea Realization Company

We can help you to Grow & Survive in the planet while Being the Hope for rest of the world

10+Years of Experience

We’ve been triumphing all these 10 years.
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We specialize in providing outstanding IT, Software and Automation solutions while taking care of your systems from A-Z all embracing, we provide high quality service from the beginning to the final delivery of your project, geared up with the latest technology of all sorts.

We are currently based on Sri Lanka and providing services to USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia, China and India

Through the collaboration with customers in discussing needs and demand, we're able to attain mutual understanding, gain customer trust to offer appropriate advice, and bring about suggestions and solutions on suitable technology to transform your business.

Simply, we can take your business into next level with use of technology in an efficient manner.

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To Be The Hope for every living thing in this planet.
We help everyone to grow and survive by helping them to satisfy expectations with high-tech solutions and physical and mental support.

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Inventing new software, machines, tech-gadgets to help every human being and innovation to improve life/business tasks in more efficient manner. While producing our own products, we are helping businesses to grow with technology by automating day-to-day business processes with technology and automating machinery to work with less or no human support.

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How we claim to excel?

Dedicated team of experts

Our technical experts have a flair for developing clean-coded, well engineered solutions based on customers’ needs, global guidelines and trends.

International standards

We are using international level practices and standardized working culture leads to provide high quality output of expected requirement.

Guaranteed after service

As a company which values customer relationship more than anything, we guarantee 24x7 after service of any product, solution delivered by us.

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Deep technical skills
Engineers at spera labs having years of experience with latest technology stacks. Since we know the core and how it works, we can easily adopt with any technology and we always upto date with latest technologies in the world.
Customer experience focused
Instead of fully focusing only the product we need to deliver, we looking at the requirement and end product in customer perspective as well. It will output the product with optimized user experience and reliability.
Trust and credibility
Great business relationships are built on trust. You can trust us on each stages of your product development. We are credible of what we do. We are here to support you anytime, anywhere in the world.
Information Security
You and your information 100% safe from the requirement giving process to product delivery and maintenance process. With Spera Security Protocols, every product we develop comes with extended security gates.
Industrial Best Practices
Following best standards and practices in industry on any development will result a quality output. We always focused on a quality development process and end product through international standards and methodologies.
Pricing Structure
Before starting the project, we provide total pricing plan to you which is transparent with the project costing and give you an accurate picture of the costs which will be involved in the development.
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Skilled Experts
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What do people say about Spera Labs?

Jack Stokes
United States
I just completed my 2nd big project with Spera Labs, did a wonderful job! They provided extras I didn't even ask for! Super fast on communication time and I'm here in the USA. I'm not sure if the team even sleeps! They are available all the time taking care of customers like me. Thank you!
Asaf Ofir
United States
I had a lot fun to work with Spera Labs. Easy to communicate, fest response to every request and of course Professionalism. I’ll probably will choose them again in the future since that I had great experience making with them a cloud based system for my business.
Edwin Tyler
United States
Very open and honest communication. I met this company with a very tight deadline with precision. Was able to complete revisions without issues. I highly recommend this company and will be working again in the future!
Stephen Moody
United States
I did not know that not only would I be getting someone who created for me an amazing software system, but also someone that truly cared about me as a customer and made sure AT EVERY STEP, I was pleased with their work. I cannot recommend Spera Labs enough! Thank you!
Barry David
United States
This terrific team of people worked with me to deliver a website much better than I originally had expected. I encourage everyone to use this great team and a great service to it's clients.
Justin Logan
This company was absolutely perfect. Very professional, they delivered above and beyond for my requirement. They communicated with me the entire way to make sure I was happy and I was. Thank you for the great service.
Rajesh Babu
Really I appreciate their hard work and effort the way he presented. Very dedicated team interns of work. They are very much passion to work on his commitment and I really love the way they supported to my software And i will work with Spera Labs again for my future projects.

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