Our Culture

We Do what we Love, we Love what we Do

At Spera Labs, we know quality outcome of any work comes out only if we love that. Only love can make something perfect. Each and every member of our team selected as a team member by applying the filters of love, passion and dedication. Each and every member in the team passionate in development, innovation and hark work. The internal culture of Spera Labs engineered well to always have a well filtered team and keep them up with their skills and helping them to improve them.

NOits not just a JOB

It's our Life

We believe in energy and higher vibes

As strong believers of energy and vibrations we know only positive energy can generate positive output to satisfy any requirement. Positive energy stays only on positive cultures.

Culture at Spera Labs always keep each and every individual in highest mind states of positivity and takes that energy to provide higher satisfactions to our clients and team members.

Each and every member being evaluated by the culture with filters of energy, positivity and passion, that help us to keep everyone motivated and energetic in every moment.

What makes it specifically?

Begin with spiritual blessings

As a country based on buddhist religion, we always start things with blessings and higher spiritual activities. That gives us energy and provide a positive cristal clear mindset to achieve our ultimate goals.

Physical and mental trainings

A well trained mind and body always leads the best result. We provide the best training sessions to our team with mentally and physically to be strong with skills and mindset.

Flexible workspace

Our workspace well architectured to be free in every situation and to reduce complexity in mind from everywhere. Flexible workspace, work culture makes team members free to think and express their ultimate potential without any boundaries. This leads to provide better output while staying in undisturbed free mindset.

Social Outings

While enjoying the work at workspace, we spend time for outings and having leisure time with exploring some other places in the planet. This helps each team member to refresh their mindset and physical body with some fresh external energies and vibes.


As a family, we celebrate almost all cultural festivals, special days, events together. This makes the bond stronger between each member in Spera Labs family.

Interested to be a Part of Team?