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Helping every living thing to survive and level up their life while empowering innovation

Spera Labs is a place to re-innovate how people interact with technology. We started providing technology services since 2011 and we currently based on USA and Sri Lanka. Spera Labs specialized in Custom Software Development for Business Automation, IOT Research & Development, Web Development/Engineering and Hi-Tech Innovations.
How it works

Three steps process


Your idea

Realization Process

Convert your idea into reality with human powered Idea Realization Engine


Your Product / Service

Global Technology
Service Provider

We are international

Established in 2011 to provide software solutions for business automation and empower innovation all accross the world. While growing up the company and team, we focused on more into making the world a better place with innovation.

We specialized in Cloud Based Software Systems, Embedded Systems, Web Development, IOT, Research and development.

This is the place which converts the idea in your mind to real world working output using our idea realization process.

  • Dedicated tech experts with the most reliable & latest technologies
  • Increased quality for reduced time and cost
  • Enhanced security with spera secure protocol
  • Dedicated 24X7 support and service
what we do

Our Capabilities

Software Development

Custom software development services with best software development practices and expertise

Mobile APP Development

Most reliable and efficient IOS and Android mobile app development service

IOT and Automation

Custom IOT device creations and machine automation services

Web Development

Pixel perfect, responsive website development and cloud-based application development

Robotic Process Automation

Automating repeating computerized tasks with software bots

Concept Prototyping

Preparing prototype of the idea on your mind(Software, App or Device)
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