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Years of Experience in IT & Automation

Quality service

We specialize in providing outstanding IT solutions since 2011 defining nearly a decade long experience which again ensures a great future bond with trusteeship between you and us. Dedicated to taking care of your systems from A-Z all embracing, we provide high quality service from the beginning to the final delivery of your project, geared up with the latest technology of all sorts.

International standards

Using standard practices and standardized working culture leads to endup with high quality output of expected requirement. We use highest level best practices and maintain international standards when creating any software/application or product.

Idea realization

Yes we have strategized all our processes to maintain the quality we’ve always considered a priority, but we are also equally flexible and open for your ideas. Going beyond that, we also encourage idea generation among our partners which finally usually make both our partners and us amaze at the work we did.

Talented and passionated team

Spera labs empowered with a dedicated team of Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Inventors and Digital Artists. All of our team are well qualified and energized with culture within us. Each and every person with us passionate with technology and imagination. With the passion and power of imagination, we are providing a top notch service to our clients.

Upto date

All of our engineers keen to learn something new each day. We are always updated with the latest technology stack and implementation knowledge to provide the best service.

Responsibility and After service

We are responsible for what we do! Anyone can create projects/products but only few can take the responsibility after that and provide a after service. Not just after service, we are here to provide an amazing after service for your requirement.

Customer service

Customer service at our end has always been praised to be top-notch because we always value the bond between you who become our partner and us as precious as the heart of our very business.


We consult, we help you with your IT or Technology implementation from the moment you start the relationship with us. As a company which values relationship over anything else, we do consultation for you to select the best path, the best option for your growth based on our years of experience.


We at Spera Labs believe everything is an Energy and Vibrational Frequency. We know how to use those energies properly within the culture of company and to apply to the right point. With the energetic and motivated culture, end output for your requirement will always be an amazing one!... Read more


We know only the givers are gaining and permanent happiness comes only tbrough contribution. A percentage from each penny we earn goes to contribute something good to world, to help someone who needs help... Read more

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